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Tormentis Press-Kit - everything for content creators and press

Tormentis Press-Kit

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We encourage journalists and content creators to freely use any assets and information provided in this press kit to write about or promote our indie game. Proper credit and links back to our official channels would be appreciated.

Download Presskit (~25MB)

Fact Sheet

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Developer: 4 Hands Games (based in Wetzlar, Germany)
Platforms: PC, Mac, Android, iOS
Status: Multiplayer Demo
Planned Release Date: 2024
Website: 4handsgames.com


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Prepare your dungeon against intruders and protect your loot chests with monsters and well-placed traps. Train your hero, equip powerful gear and conquer other players' dungeons to fight your way to the top of the league.


This is where classic action role-playing meets dungeon building. Your task is to protect your loot boxes from intruders. They supply you with coins and your opponents want to empty them!

Create a unique dungeon that will mislead your opponents. Place monsters and traps in your dungeon and lead your opponents into an ambush. They may not reach your treasury in time!

With every victory over another player you will receive trophies and rise in the rankings.

--- Your Hero ---
Equip powerful equipment and prepare your hero for the task ahead. Your choice of weapon determines the skills available. Each dungeon is unique and will challenge you anew.

--- Your Dungeon ---
In your dungeon you connect different rooms with each other. Decoration can be used to make areas difficult to access. A variety of monsters and traps are available to ensure the defense of the dungeon. Train them and create complex and confusing situations that make it particularly difficult for intruders.

But be warned, you also have to successfully complete your dungeon once before you can use it against intruders.

--- Your Equipment ---
You will find much of your equipment as loot in dungeons. But not every good find is needed. Equipment can be traded with other players in the auction house and via barter.

Key Features

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- Build and explore dungeons -

- Construct dungeons with different rooms, traps, monsters and furnishings -

- Find epic loot in other players' dungeons -

- Auction house for trading gear with other players -

- Make friends and test their dungeons -

- Collect trophies and fight your way up the leagues -


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Aquatik Loves Indies Winner
February 2022
Aquatik Studios & Indie Bandits

About 4 Hands Games

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We are Oliver and Andrea, a couple who have been developing games together for over 5 years. We've published our first games on mobile devices. It is important to us that the gaming experience is the same for all players and is not disturbed by pay-2-win elements.


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Email: oliver@4handsgames.com link symbol
Twitter: www.twitter.com/TormentisGame link symbol
Instagram: www.instagram.com/4handsgames link symbol