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Tormentis Press-Kit - everything for content creators and press

Tormentis Press-Kit

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We encourage journalists and content creators to freely use any assets and information provided in this press kit to write about or promote our indie game. Proper credit and links back to our official channels would be appreciated.

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Fact Sheet

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Developer: 4 Hands Games (based in Wetzlar, Germany)
Platforms: PC, Mac, Mobile
Status: Public Demo
Planned Release Date: Q4 2023
Website: 4handsgames.com


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Tormentis is a multiplayer ARPG where players build their own dungeon and raid other players' dungeons.


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Tormentis is a multiplayer game that combines elements of dungeon-building and player-versus-player (PvP) gameplay. Players can create their own dungeons, filled with traps and monsters, and challenge other players to navigate and conquer them. In turn, players can explore and conquer dungeons created by other players to earn rare loot and treasures. The game also features an auction house where players can trade the loot they have acquired with each other, as well as a bartering system for direct, one-on-one trades.

Key Features

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- Build and explore dungeons -

- Construct dungeons with traps and monsters -

- Find rare loot in other players' dungeons -

- Auction house for trading loot with other players -

- One-on-one bartering system for direct trading -


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Aquatik Loves Indies Winner
February 2022
Aquatik Studios & Indie Bandits

About 4 Hands Games

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We are Oliver and Andrea, a couple who have been developing games together for over 5 years. We've published our first games on mobile devices. It is important to us that the gaming experience is the same for all players and is not disturbed by pay-2-win elements.


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Email: oliver@4handsgames.com link symbol
Twitter: www.twitter.com/zodiac2k link symbol
Instagram: www.instagram.com/oliver.bohnes link symbol