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Tormentis - Build a dungeon and raid other players dungeons!


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Plot Summary

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Build a challenging dungeon and upgrade your hero with new gear while conquering other players' or procedurally generated dungeons.

- use the dungeon editor to build your own dungeon out of rooms, monsters, traps and furnishings -

- play dungeons to gain hero experience and collect random loot from corpses -

- improve your class-free hero by upgrading gear and combining strong skills and equipment -

- trade equipment with other players via auction house or 1-on-1 barter -


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Tormentis consists of short, action-packed dungeon games in which you have to reach the treasure chamber.

Inspiration: Path of Exile (character builds, equipment), Dungeon Keeper (dungeon creation)

Stylized lowpoly dungeons that both modern classics and retro players will find attractive.

The Hook

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What hooks the potential audience is the combination of classic ARPG hack&slash action with creative dungeon building and trading:

- high replayability as random dungeons are procedurally generated or created and regularly updated by users -

- highly customizable dungeon and interior to create a unique looking dungeon -

- taking part in public or private trading equipment for regular ingame currency -

Project Scope

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- multiple weapons that offer a subset of available skills to use -

- various monsters of different species having unique element resistances and strength -

- various rooms, traps and dungeon interior to create unique dungeon experiences -

- auction house for global trading, 1-on-1 interactions for private barter -

Production Schedule

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- Tormentis will be released in Early Access on Steam on July 22nd 2024 -

- Mobile ports to Android and iOS are planned for Q4 2024 -


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- Oliver Bohnes | Studio Owner, Game Design, Coding, UX, Server Administration -

- Andrea Naumann Bohnes | Game Design, 2D Art, Game Progression & Balancing -

- Contractors | Music, 3D Art -


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If you are interested in funding, publishing, or engaging in a licensing deal, please email oliver(at)4handsgames.com

Target Market

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We aim to target the classic ARPG audience, but mainly those who like challenges against other players. In addition, players who like to trade with ingame objects are also addressed.