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Heroes and Merchants - oldschool fantasy crafting online rpg

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Train your artisans to create the most powerful gear and equip your heroes with the best armor and weapons to fight the strongest mosters.

- use your artisans to craft epic weapons and armor pieces -

- send your heroes on challenging missions to collect rare crafting materials -

- band together with other players and create a guild to fight powerful raid bosses together -

- fight other players in challenging player vs player duels -

- survive the dangers in an adventure in a 3D dungeon crawler -


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Latest Announcement - June 14, 2022

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The new update V2.5.4 has been released! The update is a bugfix release and prepares the game for an upcoming hardware change and a smooth transition to the new server hardware without long interruptions.

- fixed artisan skill costs calculation -

- improved translations -

- fix very rare game freeze in tavern -

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