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News: Heroes and Merchants Patch Content Preview (03.08.2023)

Heroes and Merchants Patch Content Preview
03.08.2023 - Heroes and Merchants

Hello Heroes and Merchants players, many of you are already very curious about what features are planned for the next patch. In the past few weeks, a lot of new players have discovered Heroes and Merchants and we've received a huge number of ideas and requests.

There are some ideas that really have potential and that we would like to implement. However, we also have a major challenge that makes the game more and more difficult to access, especially for new players: the menu structure with additional game functions and menu elements, which is becoming increasingly confusing. In addition, there is an increased desire for your own city where you can build houses, etc. We know that some players like this old school / browser game-like structure - so we want to try something.

We would like to give Heroes and Merchants an interactive menu navigation in which you control your character through your own village and can visit all menu items such as craftsmen, orders, guild etc. within this village. The old game interface should still be available as a classic mode, but not all future innovations will be available here, such as the option to customize the village with the help of optic tickets.

In addition, there has often been a desire to integrate classic idle game elements into Heroes and Merchants, which fits together well in terms of the basic long-term fun concept.

Since the changes are very extensive, implementation will take some time. The Q4 of this year could be the schedule here.

What do you think about the patch? Do you like the idea? Visit us on our Discord https://discord.gg/aqN3rHsC6M and let share your thoughts or ideas.

Your Heroes and Merchants Team